Our latest #weloveourtrade entry is this fabulous installation by Andrea Graff interiors.  Andrea Graff used the Illum chairs by Tribù on the outside eating deck of her Leopard Creek project.  

Set on the edge of the Kruger National Park, overlooking the Crocodile River, the existing small dark rondavel structures were reinterpreted into a modern open and light bush lodge style home.

The home is co-owned by several individuals so we were tasked with designing the space in such a way that it would appeal to a wide variety of tastes without being generic. The climate also had to be considered. It gets intensely hot in Summer so furniture pieces had to be able to withstand this without perishing, warping or discolouring.

“We steered away from the typical lodge style look, reinterpreting and incorporating the surrounding environment in unexpected ways and creating timeless appeal.”

Leopard Creek is a country club in Malelane, Mpumalanga.  “Innovative architectural and landscaping techniques ensure that the Leopard Creek golf course and living areas are naturally protected from animals, while lakes and small streams have been diverted through the development to create scenic vistas and challenging golf strategies.

Golfing hazards take on a new dimension at Leopard Creek, for much of the water is home to the magnificent creatures after whom the river is named, crocodiles. In addition to the decorative water features seen throughout, guests can also look forward to the frequent crocodile, hippo, antelope, buffalo and elephant sighting in the Kruger National Park which borders the course.”

“Ref: www.jocksafarilodge.com”

Such a magnificent place to enjoy a meal whilst taking in the views of animals drinking and eating along the Crocodile river!

Andrea Graff captured the essence of the space perfectly with the careful selection of each and every colour, texture and furniture item.