We often find that the energy and values of the people behind a brand is what defines it.

In a consumer driven world, we rarely have the opportunity to deal with businesses that truly have the longevity of a product in mind when designing it.  After our recent  visit in Barcelona, I have come home feeling inspired and optimistic about brands with major influence that are keen to make a difference.

What impressed me most was speaking to Alex Alorda, vice chairman of Kettal.  His attention to detail and passion for the brand and products was contagious.  But what resonates most with me is his commitment to producing products that can be used for many years.  He passionately talked about details like easily exchangeable slings on loungers, making  sure that the frame can be used over and over, when replacing the sling after about five years.

In the words of Alex:

“Timeless, functional and expressive furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation,” and  “design that follows the correct process, that is, the proper balance between creativity, method and values.”

Alex Alorda, Vice Chairman of Kettal, with his father, Manuel Alorda, who founded the company in 1966 (Credit: Il Foglio del Mobile)

Alan from Marlanteak sends greetings in a bottle.

One would think the organic olive oil novelty will wear off when you are spoiled with acres of olive tree farms around your factory in Spain, but Alex and Alexis was truly delighted with their gift from South-Africa. Olive oil, produced from the olives in Alan’s organic orchid in McGreggor, Western-Cape.

Alex Alorda and Alexis Gouilly, sending greetings back to South-Africa from the Kettal boardroom in Barcelona, Spain

By: Bianca Ungerer – Marketing Manager for Marlanteak