In 2016, the Cala chair established a new design language for Kettal. It combines large natural curves with a latticed rope weave creating a majestic spatial presence with transparent and light surfaces.

The idea evolved and Doshi Levien created additional pieces to make a collection including a dining chair, a series of tables and low foot stools.
The Dining table has a monolithic and bold presence, providing contrast to the lightness of the chairs.
Set in to the table frame are different tops including wood and marble.

The same frame construction can be recognised in the low tables and foot stools, that complete the Cala collection.

Cala_Mesa 1600_final_ copia Cala_Mesa 2800 op azul_final_ copia Cala_Mesa Aux 1350_final_ copia Cala_Pouf 1350_final_ copia Cala_Sillo¦ün Comedor_final copia Set_Bitta Sillas Comedor_final copia Set_Cala Sillones Comedor_Final copia Set_Lounge Cala_Final 2_alarg copia