Tribu Mirthe Chairs

Minimalism with a playful twist, the Mirthe collection has everything  that goes with a typical Tribù furniture piece : pure, clean lines, timeless. The chair looks like it has been designed from a single surface, in which the back legs move seamlessly up to the back. The flowing line of the seat and the back give the chair a feminine touch. The designer opted purposefully for aluminium: robust, completely recyclable and ideal for outdoor use.


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L (36cm) x D (35.5cm) x H (76cm)


H (46cm)

Easy Chair

L (78cm) x D (61cm) x H (78/88cm)
(Adjustable 2 Positions)


L (53cm) x D (51cm) x H (78cm)

Side Chair

L (53cm) x D (51cm) x H (78cm)


L (44cm) x D (51.5cm) x H (31cm)

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