Roda Spool Sofa

A closely spaced succession of cords, embraced to a metallic tubular frame, with simple, sinuous lines that brings to mind weaving spools.
Spool is a project that gives life to a new vibrant story, composed of weaves and attractive shadow effects, created by the light that filters from the sections of the backrest.
The result is a collection with an explosive design; a perfect balance between strength and lightness, that doesn’t neglect of comfort of seating, that can accommodate an abundance of soft cushions.
The collection Spool is composed of two- and three- seater sofas, a lounge chair, a chaise longue, a double chaise longue and low tables.
The outdoor varnished stainless structures are available in smoke with grey or olive cords and milk with sand or olive cords versions.

Click here for 001 sofa product specifications.

Click here for 002 sofa product specifications.

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001 Sofa

L (106cm) x D (94cm) x H (79cm)

002 Sofa

L (182cm) x D (94cm) x H (79cm)

003 Sofa

L (236cm) x D (94cm) x H (79cm)

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