Roda Double Pouf

DOUBLE is an articulated and “total outdoor” seating system designed to recreate in the outside the sensation of relaxing and the exclusive atmosphere of an indoor living space.

Together with form, matter is the protagonist of DOUBLE: aluminium, which has been chosen for its strength and lightness, has been dressed in a soft and multi-layered upholstery, combined in its turn with a 3D net available in several colours.

DOUBLE includes sectional sofas, armachairs, poufs and chairs all signed by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Click here for 031 pouf product specifications.

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031 Pouf

Dia. (60cm) x H (42cm)

032 Pouf

Dia. (90cm) x H (36cm)

033 Pouf

Dia. (120cm) x H (30cm)

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