Roda Harp Chairs and Stool

The classic string chair finds a new outdoor dimension, where polyester trails its infinite filaments around a tubular metal structure in one continuous outline. Neutrality is ignited by cushions of different colors; lightness is given by air vibrating through the cords.
Harp is a celebration of a craft manufacturing: a never-ending weave of cords that twine the metal frame drawing lines that look continuous to the human eye.  The structure, made in painted metal welded by hand, and the cords, in a double polyester twisted thread with a cotton finishing, is available in Milk/sand, smoke/grey, carob/tobacco.

Click here for 349 chair product specifications.

Click here for 359 armchair product specifications.

Click here for 360 chair product specifications.

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349 Chair

L (49cm) x W (60cm) x H (81cm)

359 Armchair

L (54cm) x W (60cm) x H (81cm)

360 Stacking Chair

L (53cm) x W (60cm) x H (74cm)

311 Stool

L (63cm) x W (63cm) x H (37cm)

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