These three large outdoor dining tables will take the pain out of hosting a full house Alfresco style.

Outdoor dining tables are more than functional. They host the centre point of the conversation and bring our loved ones together. But, often our extended families means getting creative to fit everyone in around the table. These three outdoor dining tables are our top picks based on the space it offers, the durability and design element it adds to your garden.

The Vis à vis collection gives wooden outdoor furniture a new dimension. Teak is designer Cazzaniga’s favourite outdoor material, it is natural, soft to touch and extremely durable. When he started to design the collection, he thought of a place where people could be outside and communicate with each other in total comfort. This resulted in outdoor dining tables with royal dimensions. The table is available in various dimensions, even an extra-large table of 7 meters.

Plantation teak from East-Java is used for the table, every part is handpicked during the cutting process of the tree. Hardware: 316L electropolished stainless steel. Tabletops of 99 x 99 cm can be attached to each other with 304L powdercoated stainless steel support bars to create the table length of your liking.

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The PIPER extendable table’s simplicity of  design is enhanced by the choice of the materials used. The stainless steel structure of this outdoor table compliments the top made of Lapitec®, the innovative full-body sintered stone extracted in large slabs. Piper combines aesthetic value with large dimensions and high mechanical properties. The versatility of technical porcelain is combined with consistency, workability, elegance and authenticity of colours and finishes, typical of the natural stone.

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The generous Nox outdoor dining tables stand out with handmade tabletops of glazed lava stone. The enamel layer makes the top water, heat, frost, UV, and stain-resistant. Because beauty hides in imperfection, a subtle craquelure effect was added to enhance the natural imperfections of the reflective lava stone, giving each top its own exclusive look. The Nox tabletop rests on a strong, slender frame made of powdercoated stainless steel. This provides a surprisingly light and elegant look, despite the heavy stone tabletop. With its 3.60 meters length, offers space to a generous party. A more compact version of the Nox dining table is also available with a length of 265 cm.

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