When we started the collaboration with Kettal, our first idea was to make an aluminium chair that was both sturdy and delicate at same time. A chair that could assume the passage of time.

With Stampa we have developed a full-blooded aluminium chair combining several aluminium manufacturing techniques. The injection-moulded ring connects the stamped seat, the back and the hydro-formed legs and reinforces the whole shell.

A calyx shaped metal shell is inhabited by carefully organized holes made by the technique of punching metal sheets. This allows to create delicate shapes that recall textile sensations and are robust enough to stand the test of time – also in an outdoor environments.

Like a pair of leather boots, we wanted the chair to change organically with the use over the time.

The chair comes in two versions and two finishes, perforated or plane and powder coated or anodized. An additional seat cushion is available. Dry assembly allows the chair to be stacked during transport or stocking. All versions are suitable for outdoor and indoor use.