Kettal furnishes Heart Ibiza…similar to our very own Madame Zingara concept.  The new project of Ferran Adria and his brother Albert Adria, who was awarded as the World’s Best Pastry Chef.

Think of performances. And not just one, but the whole evening you can expect dancers, live artists, painting on the walls and dj’s playing. The three entrepreneurs (the Adria Brothers and Guy Laliberté of Cirque du Soleil) love art, doing things with passion and surprising the guests throughout the evening. That’s why they came up with the name Heart. Let’s go inside!



When you enter the main entrance you have to stop to see one of Takashi Murakami’s sculptures made by black skulls. It represents the victims of the Japanese earthquake. Before entering you see A LOVE sign of Gim Hong-Sok and across the road, a mirror pavilion which is a moving piece of art – when you’re passing by, you’re part of it too.

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Inside you’ll find another Murakami piece, the restaurant area and the club. Everywhere you look there’s something happening: from the interactive art work on the wall which moves with the dance performance on the club floor to the toilet where there is a musician playing and upstairs a girl with a black helmet made of skulls.



When you enter the restaurant the kitchen staff greets you the Maori-way. There is a world globe with menu’s  from all over the world and because Ferran Adria is behind it you can expect the best. Never boring, the appetizers are presented in an ordinary pizza box. The pieces of jamon are presented on a complete jamon and the olives come in an olive tree statue. Upstairs there is a VIP lounge and next to it you’ll find the terrace. Split into two area’s: the one with the food trolleys and the one with the food trucks.



The first one is slightly more upscale (they serve you at your reserved table), the second area is more casual. You can try oysters, Mexican food, vegetables, Japanese food: it’s all there and all inclusive (you pay 50 euro and can eat as much as you want). All the food trucks and trolleys are designed fabulously and what makes it even more special is that the chefs they work with all come straight out the country they represent. That’s why you can expect the best taco’s and Japanese Takoyaki. The interior? Done by Patricia Urquiola.



Article by Petite Passport