Bay – Not a direct inspiration but an overall feeling or emotion of sitting by the bay. The reclined position emphasises an introverted and relaxed state of mind, therefore the name – Bay Chair.


Sway – With a sling seat construction that is flexible enough to provide a soft landing – a bit like swaying grass. Sway comes as both a cantilever version or with a teak frame.


Maze – Distinctive interwoven straps give the Maze collection its name which takes conventional woven furniture to a new dimension. Working with soft-to-touch outdoor straps woven over angular teak frames, Maze’s unique design offers both visual impact and exceptional comfort.


Bell – The inspiration is almost too obvious – two bells joined together to make up the shape of this small side table. The organic and fluid lines will make an eye catching addition to any outdoor area.


Grid – Grid is a name that describes both function and mind-set. Both grid and double grid form the basis of a totally flexible system where customers are able to combine elements that meet their personal needs. The shapes of the various elements enable the sofa to be constructed in multiple ways and even directions.


Tray – Outdoor lounge – the place where you hang out, chill out and kick back. The sofa is welcoming and the double function of the arm / backrest tray defines the whole concept and is at your disposal the full length of the sofa.


Curve – Like the desert sand define the dunes, so the soft curve in the backrest defines this chair. Even though the materials are weatherproof and durable, the inspiration and the task was to make the chair both comfortable and welcoming.


Asta – The idea behind the design was the mix of materials and the shapes. The stainless steel frame has all the refinement of an indoor, anodized surface but with the practicality and soft touch of a powder coated surface. This, combined with the gently curved backrest, gives the chair a striking yet very welcoming look.


Whirl – Round, limitless without any start or beginning – the perfect template for creating a place where you can come together and communicate freely. Indeed, the ideal shape for a table.


Split – The legs of the Split table have a very characteristic look with an inverted ‘Y’ construction and tapering form, which emphasises a light and subtle connection to the ground. The uneven cutting of the table top adds an organic look, while tricking the eye with a visual surprise.


Carver – In the same way that an artist carves in stone or wood to create a form, the same way of thinking has been applied to this table, where the cross-rail and legs have been shaped like pieces cut from a solid block.


Bepal – Like shells connect almost seamlessly at the joint, so the two parts of this chair join at the back to make an extremely comfortable lounging chair. The chair is offered in two colours of frame / weave.