Certain projects are born classics. Usually this happens when they represent a revolution – formal, functional, technological or even just aesthetical. They are projects that begin a new chapter. After, there might be many imitations – a metaphor for the continued applause of the audience at the première. This is what we are talking about when we describe RODA’s new sofa, DANDY. So how seductive can a sofa be, photographed al fresco, graciously perched on a carpet of grass or a textured path of gravel?

DANDY was born truly free. No ties to the spatial limits of walls and ceilings. Like a raft floating on the line of the horizon. This one of Rodolfo Dordoni’s signature princely projects -and yes, let us start recognizing the nobiliary titles of designers!- made with skilful care by RODA, which translates ideas into technological reality, fabrics, structures, upholstery, materials and coordinating elements so that we can enjoy the out of doors and become part of these pictures.

For years it has been happening that RODA and Dordoni show us the new possibilities of living contained in the dizzying rush of that special transition between indoors and out. Outdoor furniture designed with an indoor approach. The DANDY sofa is possibly a new chapter of this story, where the interior finds itself in the exterior in an inside-out plot twist revealing semantic and conceptual paradox. Like the yin inside the yang, the day that burns the night, the sea surging beyond the shore, and perhaps also our train of thought entering the realm of idleness. Applause. Silence.