The Architectural Digest recently compiled their pick of the top design destinations for 2017.

They narrowed down their list to only seven cities.  The factors that carried weight in their selection process included cultural institutions, new museums, design fairs, grassroots development, major anniversary celebrations and new hotels. “The exciting changes happening in these cities are emblematic of larger trends in their home countries. And though each is unique and has different things to offer, all are places that savvy travelers will be talking about in 2017″.

The emerging art and design scene, Cape Winelands, opening of the Zeits MOCAA museum and the luxurious Silo Hotel is what will cement Cape Town’s place on the world stage according to 

To see the full list of selected cities, you can read the original post here.

Photo credit: Capetown magazine/Architectural Digest/theRoyalportpholio