Alfresco Lunch

By Tribù

A family gathering is a special time, a chance for generations to talk and catch up with each other’s news. And what better setting than a beautiful garden, a sunlit setting for a long, leisurely lunch.

“I cherish these times, especially when I see my grandchildren. They are growing up so fast – each visit is precious.” For Astrid, bringing together the people she loves in the garden she has tended for years is a chance to create a little outdoor theatre.

My garden is an extension of my home. I like everything to be just so, simple yet elegant.

Not one to sacrifice style for comfort, Astrid chose Tosca chairs that are both striking and subtle, with outsize woven seats that cocoon her guests in their soft fabric. “My grandchildren tease me about granny’s knitting when they see the chairs. Luckily the fabric is tough enough to withstand any amount of wind and rain and even their sticky little fingers!”

Astrid is an excellent cook and has always adored entertaining. Her favourite way to share good food is over lunch in her beloved garden, surrounded by family conversation and serenaded by birdsong. Choosing the right table for everyone to sit around was essential. “I think good design should fit a space without being intrusive – chic but discreet if you know what I mean. I like natural, light colours so this table is a perfect fit for my green room. It looks delicate, but I can leave it out over winter and it looks just as fresh when my garden comes back to life the next spring.”